Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Best Little Christmas Tree

Bryant's class performed a Christmas production, and Bryant was the star of the show. He had a solo part and my heart was bursting with pride. Here is Bryant on stage speaking his part in front of about 100 parents and family members. He is a natural.

Bryant and his best friend Dominic


Well, the boys decided to wear the same costume as they did last year, and I didn't argue. Nick added some red basebal socks to his SpiderMan costume because it was too short. And Bryant had to squeeze his head into his knight's helmet. But all in all, it was a great night. Here are the boys with our next door neighbor Rhys.

Here are some of the girls from the block, Sally, Stella, and Sela. We call them the S babes.

Sally Blue Lips was on a sugar high when the night was through. She loved the lollypops.

Happy 1st Birthday Sally!

The boys and I stayed up late the night before Sally's birthday and decorated the dining room. They worked so hard on making her sign (they still affectionately call her Pinkie).